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Our Story

Mashadro Productions is a multimedia production company with a primary focus on music videos and the South African Corporate video world. Throughout the years, the company became poignant with the limited video coverage of all the South African cultural storytelling and traditional visual art on television broadcasting platforms as well as the international stage.

It then became a vision of the company to focus on that untapped market, while maintaining a high-quality product that is on par with the rest of the world.

In 2017, we grew to become a recognized multimedia company that focuses primarily on Motion pictures, and Music. All the operations are based in Southern Africa and we also have a strategic plan to partner with abroad companies in different parts of the world

Our film and video department is a complete bouquet that deals with projects from the onset in pre-production, production all the way to post; in sectors that include films, commercials, broadcast and corporate videos.

Comprehensive Video production and Editing


Graphic design for your event and business


Production Equipment & facilities hiring


Our streamlined project process


    A 45-minute session to determine your needs and event objectives, complete a client induction, establish budget, prerequisites and key conditions.


    Establish the big idea and concept, set or propose dates, venues and mission-critical information.


    Design, plan, manage and implement the event technology and architecture, create the marketing and branding collateral and manage and manage the customer experience.


    Client will measure the Event Production Company planning and management effectiveness of the event. ‍ ROI measurement in terms of the goals and objectives of the event. ‍ Customer experience

Our Specialties

Our specialties include: virtual and hybrid events,  live event management, product launches, exhibitions, brand design, content marketing, live broadcasts, brand activations, team buildings, outdoor events, employee engagement, gala dinners, and awards ceremonies.