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Video Production


We specialise in Concept development for TV Shows: Magazines, Reality, Documentaries, Feature films and Television series. Our In-house writers also provide high-quality scripts that can be used in Pre-production, Production and Post. We also offer services in scheduling, budgeting, timing, as well as preparing pitch documents.


Our strength is being able to carry any production of any size, using the in house equipment and additional rentals from our partners when needed. We boast the presence of our highly trained professionals ranging from the production office to Crew on set, specifically designed to suit specific production.

Post Productions

Our Post Production Services include Editing for long and short formats, and the doctoring of colour in Da Vinci Resolve colour grading system. We also offer services of a Digital Image Technician (DIT) as well high-quality motion picture graphics to be used in Television shows, Promos and channel Idents.

Live streaming

We offer Live stream services for corporate events, Company meetings, conferences, church services, memorial & funeral services, weddings, parties and sporting events. We stream your live event to multi-platforms simultaneously – platforms such as Zoom, Teams, Facebook, YouTube and many more, including embedding a stream directly into your website.

We achieve high production value through multiple cameras, covering different angles, live audience reaction, as well as an integration of your PowerPoint presentation to your live stream


Simultaneously recording and broadcasting over the internet in real-time or near real-time.


Recording for viewing after the event has played out as well sound mastering.


Manipulating and arranging any shots into a more fitting and complete video.


Production equipment rental for short-term usage in and around Johannesburg.


Developing the movement, actions, expressions, and dialogue of the characters in a screenplay.


Narrating over all kinds of videos, edited or unedited using a fitting voice.


Our actual advantage as video experts is our capacity to break down, distil, and conceptualize precisely what you want to say. We take pleasure in our ability to provide guidance and generate any type of media on demand, collaborating with you to bring your vision to life.

Since we have all of our manufacturing services under one roof, our production is seamless and convenient.

We produce top-notch products by utilizing qualified personnel, cutting-edge machinery, and the most recent technologies.

We are committed to making sure our projects are successful; we use our skills in a consolidated service delivery model, not only shooting, but designing as well, handling sound and facilitating media relations.

Our daily operations are managed by a core group of producers and creatives. We enjoy everything this profession has to offer as we write, perform, direct, edit, and produce our way down the line.

We also draw talent from our reliable pool of skilled and dedicated freelancers as needed, and as part of our youth skills development campaign.

We don’t fit your assignment to our paid employees; rather, we match them to the precise requirements of your project, allowing us to deploy the very best talent available. Working with numerous people allows freelancers to learn a variety of insights and talents that they wouldn’t otherwise acquire from a single employer. We are also former freelancers, so we can attest to this.

We seek to open doors, create jobs, and provide everyone the chance to advance their skills.



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